Dr. Marc B. Cooper


Wisdom for Leaders


Our Deliverables

• The Ability to discern inner qualities and relationships: INSIGHT

• Good Sense: JUDGEMENT

• Accumulated philosophical and scientific learning: KNOWLEDGE

• A wise attitude, belief, or course of action: RIGHT DECISIONS

• Ability to unlearn lessons that sabotage: SELF-AWARENESS

• The teachings of the ancient wise men & women: ETERNAL TRUTHS


Coaching is particularly valuable during
breakdowns in executive team cohesion and team performance.
C-Suite coaching resolves conflicts, offsets positionally, and
generates high-performance teams.


Coaching for individuals committed
to making significant changes in their lives. Coaching that allows
individuals to discover what’s in the way of what they want in life
and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfill their needs.


Coaching that enhances an executive’s
leadership and performance resulting in significant achievement for themselves and the people around them.


Purpose. Conscious Culture. Core-Values.


Coaching for partnerships to work, really
work, so they are highly productive and synergistic allowing for a
mutually aligned future to be achieved.


100 conferences, 17 different countries - Dr. Cooper has spoken before many different types of audiences, on topics ranging from the future of healthcare, culture, partnerships, self-awareness, effective communication, older to elder, the power of integrity - and that’s just the short list. If you are looking for someone who incites new thinking, someone who provokes self-examination, someone who changes peoples’ lives, contact us.


As a coach, Marc was someone who told me what I didn’t want to
hear, had me see what I didn’t want to see, so I could be the CEO I’ve always known myself to be.

Andy Fallat

CEO Evergreen Healthcare

Dr. Cooper’s coaching took me where I couldn't take myself.

Dr. David Janash

Park South Dentistry

Marc’s a remarkable coach. He doesn’t focus on teaching you something you don’t know; he focuses on helping you reveal the knowledge and skills you have within you and then coaches you on how to sharpen, strengthen and expand them.

Craig Borca


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